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Microscopic Art – Series on SARS-CoV-2 by Martin Oeggerli

We are delighted to present the limited edition CoV-2 series created by Martin Oeggerli in collaboration with University Ulm.

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human Microbiome of a KISS

NZZ Format

SRF is going to release a new NZZ Format article about the human immune system (“Unser Immunsystem: stark, sensibel, beeinflussbar”) with images by Micronaut. Release date: 11 June 2020, 23h (11 pm), SRF.

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GEO feature article 

GEO has published their new feature story ‘Unser Darm – Wie Mikroben das Wohl und Wissen des Menschen lenken’  (June 2020).

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Mosquito egg surfaceMicroscopic Art – The Swiss Post releases special stamp series created by Martin Oeggerli

We are delighted to present the limited edition stamp series created and designed by Martin Oeggerli for the Swiss Post.

Art collectors: please find a very limited number of hand-signed original fine prints available on the artist’s website.

Philately: stamp collectors are offered a unique set holding two works of art: the larger frame is displaying the original stamp sheet (either forget-me-not, or rose), stamped, numbered and signed by the artist. To conserve the value for the collector, the sheet is reversibly attached; a single stamp is replaced with the artist’s signature and a sequential edition number. The package is completed with the significantly smaller second frame, containing just a single stamp from the other series. Both frames are carefully hand-made.

The package was especially created by the artist to celebrate the release of his Microscopic Art-stamp series and is only available from his own website – no bookstores, no museums, no shops!   Supplied while stocks last.

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Interview mit Martin Oeggerli (Deutsch)

Deutschlandfunk Kultur has published an interview with Martin Oeggerli (February 2020).

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National Geographic feature article

National Geographic has published their new feature story ‘How trillions of microbes affect every stage of our life—from birth to old age’ (January 2020).

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National Geographic article

National Geographic has published a short but sweet article about herbs (September 2019) based on the idea and images of Martin Oeggerli.

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Lizard with Toxic Breath - Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum)GEO feature article

The famous german magazine GEO has published a new article created by Martin Oeggerli.

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_acari-box-vitrine_xxsMartin Oeggerli’s artist-BOX ‘acari’ – is now available

Micronaut is presenting a portfolio collecting the works of Martin Oeggerli.

The acari-BOX contains a series of 12 mite portraits reproduced on archival Hahnemühle photo paper, including the five glorious pieces which have been awarded by IPA / Lucy awards in New York (2011). Each piece is carefully hand-made, numbered in editions, and includes Oeggerli’s autograph.

acari-Box page






20180308-cell-cover-volume176-issue2-micronaut-xxsCELL Cover

The renowned scientific journal CELL has published a new cover produced by Micronaut.

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20180308-cell-cover-volume172-issue6-micronaut-xxsCELL Picture Show & Interview

The renowned scientific journal CELL has invited Micronaut to select images for a Cell Picture Show.

In parallel, they are presenting an interview with the artist.

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20180308-cell-cover-volume172-issue6-micronaut-xxsCELL Cover

The renowned scientific journal CELL has selected Micronauts iconic bacteria-still-life on their cover.

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National Geographic Cover Article

National Geographic Deutschland has published their new Cover story ‘Das Leben in uns’ (April 2018).

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NATURE selects best science images of 2017

The renowned scientific journal NATURE has selected Micronauts iconic picture of a human cell placed on a cantilever as one of the top 10 scientific images of 2017.

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micronaut-natura-obscura-book-cover-small-_newNatura Obscura

On the occasion of their 200th anniversary (autumn 2017), the Natural Research Society in Basel (NGiB) proudly presents their brand new book ‘natura obscura’. It includes articles of 200 scientists, including Nobel laureates, and celebrities. Illustrations by Micronaut and NASA.

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Micronaut on SRF – TV

The Swiss National TV broadcasts an artist portrait in their television show ‘Kulturplatz’ about Martin Oeggerli aka Micronaut. Wednesday 27th May, SRF 1, 10:25 p.m.

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National Geographic PROOF – The Stories Behind the Photographs

Proof is National Geographic’s online photography journal, showcasing the voices of National Geographic photographers and editors to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the visual storytelling process… of Micronaut’s brand new image series ‘Seing Eye to Microscopic Eye’.

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oeggerlicom-iconOeggerli.com – Selected Artworks

Martin Oeggerli experiments with Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) – Technology to create art. By transforming his invisible discoveries into photorealistic sceneries, he is leading the observer to a place between reality and fiction. A series of hand-picked archival prints is now available on Oeggerli.com.  

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National Geographic feature article by Micronaut

My beloved ‘mite project’ has just been published by National Geographic (new feature story called ‘Mighty Mites’, Feb 2015).

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Micronaut-Exhibition-StGallen-Naturmuseum-2014_NewsMaking tiny creatures big

The new special exhibition “Fascination Microcosm” at the Naturmuseum St. Gallen displays the best images from ten years of the Micronaut’s work. Learn more about opening and activities: More information








Mysteries-of-the-Unseen-World-xsGreen Oscars nomination

Mysteries of the Unseen World is nominated for the PANDA-Award in 3D/Science images at Wild Screen Festival, the world’s largest and most prestigious international wildlife and environmental film festival.

More information:
Wildscreen Festival - PANDA Awards
About Wildscreen Festival





SRF – Einstein, Portrait about the award-winning Swiss science photographer Micronaut, as a part of a new series of SRF – Einstein - Highlights, June 2014






Travelling exhibiton for rent

The travelling exhibition “Microstructures I” displays 43 images of the invisible world of the microcosm. Rent it now!

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Micronaut-Who-is-Who-Basel-2014Who is Who votes for Micronaut

Who is Who Basel elected Martin Oeggerli (the Micronaut) into the most exclusive club of the 200 most well known personalities in town.

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The first price in the 2014 EMBO Journal Cover Contest goes to the Micronaut! March 2014

The image that was selected displays the mouth brushes of a mosquito larva. With the delicate hairs it creates a water current that washes particles in its mouth.

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EMBO encounters celebrates the cat flea, February 2014

In its latest newsletter, the German science organization EMBO reports on the movie “Mysteries of the unseen world”.

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A Big Movie About a Tiny World, December 2013

The newly released documentary “Mysteries of the Unseen World” brings a cat flea and other microscopic organisms to the largest movie screens in the world. The IMAX film in 3D started screening 1st November 2013.

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Micronaut-Calendar-XL-2014-Newsletter-1Micronaut Life Sciences Calendar 2014 (XL), December 2013

The Life Sciences Calendar from Moosbaum Verlag is a landmark in the world of microphotography. The 2014 edition is entirely produced from images by Micronaut. Hence its name: “Life Sciences 2014 – The Art of Microscopy”. The motifs of the format 50x70cm are excellently printed and finished with UV spot varnish.





A fly head from Basel in Hollywood, June 2013

This sliced open fly head by Micronaut gives you an idea of what can be expected from the upcoming National Geographic Society’s documentary “Mysteries of the Unseen World” in 3D. Micronaut was responsible for microscopic special-effects that are a fascinating part of this educational movie.

Unique for this project was, that 3D-stereo IMAX quality moving image sequences were created using a scanning-electron-microscope (SEM). For the first time ever, by the way… !





Micronaut Website – New Look, April 2013

Four years have passed since the Micronaut website has been developed… A lot has happened since then. The internet has become faster, monitor sizes and resolution have stepped up quite a bit and, depending on your equipment and personal preference you are used to navigate with your smartphone or iPad. We have tried our best to keep up and adapt over the years, but this time it was different – it is time for a change!

While conserving our most popular sections and functions, the new website version has otherwise been redesigned from scratch. The new version makes it easier to browse through the Gallery, lets you enjoy images at increased resolution, and automatically adapts to different monitor sizes. Hope you like it!

On the left: Micronaut website versions 2009 and 2013






NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC  - Most Popular, February 2013

Micronaut’s image of a Zebralongwing egg placed accurately on top of a vine has been elected into the ‘Most Popular’ section by the readers of the National Geographic Magazine. The image has been produced and published along with Micronaut’s second feature article ‘Exquisite Castaways’ – National Geographic, September 2010.

On the left: Egg of a Zebralongwing butterfly (Dryas iulia), most popular images section at www.NationalGeographic.com







NATURE Communications, February 2013

Scientists from the School of Life Sciences FHNW and the University Basel report a new strategy for making synthetic nano-particulate materials capable of recognizing viruses is reported  in Nature Communications, 20 Feb 2013.

On the left: Nano-particles with attached viruses under the scanning-electron-microscope: Scan: A. Cumbo, Artwork: Micronaut, 2013.








NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC  - Microbes, Feature Article, Washington DC, January 2013

Microbes have long been ignored. But now they seem to rule both the scientific and the public world. This is reason enough for the National Geographic Magazine to feature an image of bacteria by Martin Oeggerli on the cover of its 125-years jubilee issue…

Continue reading:  ‘Microbes – Small, small world’, published by National Geographic, January 2013.








NATURE NanoTechnology, November 2012

Nanomechanical signatures of human breast biopsies obtained using an atomic force microscope show close correlation between softening of cancer cells and progression of cancer… continue reading

On the left: The Nanomechanical Signature of Breast Cancer under the scanning-electron-microscope: SEM: E. Bieler, M. Plodinec, R. Lim, Artwork: Micronaut, 2013.








NATURE – Article & Interview on Micronaut Career, July 2012

Best known as a scientific photographer, Martin Oeggerli takes close-up images of microscopic creatures and structures that have been featured in scientific publications and art galleries worldwide.

Read the full article and interview in ‘Turning Point: Martin Oeggerli’Nature 487, 131-131(2012).






The EMBO Journal - Micronaut awarded with Best Science Image 2012


Award for Outstanding Science Photography, March 2012

Micronaut’s hand-coloured scanning-electron-micrograph ‘Superhydrophobic Swimming Beauty I’ has been awarded ‘Best Scientific Cover Image 2012′.









German Prize for Science Photography, December 2011

Micronaut’s images of butterfly eggs are awarded with the ‘German Prize for Scientific Photography 2011′ (DP 2011). Initiated by the science magazine ‘Bild der Wissenschaft’, the prize is equipped with an illustrous tradition and honors the most striking images of research over the last 12 months.








International Photographer of the Year, October 2011

Considered by some as the Oscars of Photography, the IPA represents the most comprehensive photography contest at the international level, and the largest to date. Needless to say Micronaut is extremely happy to announce that he is awarded with 1st prize in the ‘Micro- (professional) category.

For his winning entry ‘Cursed Knights’ Martin Oeggerli was a nominated finalist for the title ‘International Photographer of the Year 2011′ at the IPA / Lucy Awards







International Photographer of the Year, October 2011

…even more, Micronaut has also been awarded with 2nd prize in the ‘Micro- (professional) category.








Gwangju Design Biennale, September 2011

Micronaut is proud to announce his contribution to the 4th Gwangju Design Biennale, on nomination by Ai Weiwei, the prominent Chinese artist and Artistic Director of the event.

Set to be one of the most compelling design events of the year, Asias oldest design festival is expecting more than half a million visitors and features installations of 130 selected artists.




Micronaut Portrait 2011

SRF1 – Einstein, Portrait about the award-winning Swiss science photographer Micronaut on Swiss National TV

Micronaut SRF1 – Einstein, 27 October 2011






Exquisite Castaways-Micronaut National Geographic Cover


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC  - Exquisite Castaways, Feature Article, Washington DC, September 2010

Engineered for survival, insect eggs hang on and hatch wherever their parents deposit them. Insects evolved hardened eggs and with them a special appendage, an ovipositor, which some use to sink their eggs into the tissue of Earth. Lift a stone and you will find them…

Continue reading:  ‘Exquisite Castaways’, published by National Geographic, September 2010.






Love is in the Air-Micronaut National Geographic Cover


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC  - Love is in the Air,

Feature Article, Washington DC, December 2009

Pollen, and ultimately flowers, led to explosive diversification in plants, turning a brown planet green and then red, yellow, white, orange, and all the rest… have a look at the fascinating structures and stunning diversity of pollen grains documented by Micronaut and published by National Geographic!

Continue reading:  ‘Love is in the Air’, published by National Geographic, December 2009.






German Prize for Science Photography, December 2009

Micronaut’s images of composite flowers are awarded with the ‘German Prize for Scientific Photography 2009′ (DP 2009).







Swiss national TV, 13 March 2008. Invisibly small things grow mighty big in Oeggerli’s highly magnified pictures.
Interview by Kurt Aeschbacher.

Micronaut SRF1 – Aeschbacher