Exquisite Castaways

Insect eggs are engineered for survival. They hang on and hatch wherever their parents deposit them. The mosaic pattern on an owl butterfly egg looks like a landing pad. At the center is a minute opening, called a micropyle, through which the sperm enters the egg and fertilizes the egg cell. Additionally, butterfly eggs are equipped with an aeropyle system, allowing a constant passive airflow supply the growing embryo with oxygene, while safely sheltering the egg from parasites and infectious diseases. 

Micronaut’s iconic series of butterfly-egg’s has been published by National Geographic in 2010. The series includes award-winning works and focuses on nature’s seemingly unrestricted ability to find architectural solutions no matter how many constraints and functions need to be fulfilled at once – all in it’s entirely characteristic style. This series of works is a tribute to the most successful architect, engineer and designer in the world.

«Nature, down to its most minute details (…) and your artistry amplifies the effect – exceptional.»
Gordon Hendler, PhD
Curator Natural History Museum, Los Angeles County

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