Pollen Universe

The hand-colored SEM images of pollen assembled on this picture illustrate the fascinating diversity. Pollen grains evolved in plants to airfreight the male genome and the tiny carriers are remarkably diverse with variations in size from 6 to 250 μm. This award-winning series contains many iconic images was carefully collected and produced over more than a decade. Over the years both, extracts and single works have been published by the greatest names in science and photography. Documenting pollen diversity represents Micronaut’s earliest project and it is still ongoing.
First illustrations of pollen grains start in the 17th century, shortly after the development of the first light microscope. At the end of the 19th century most characteristics of the capsule structure have already been established. One and a half centuries later, invention and commercialization of scanning-electron-microscopy (SEM) allow fascinating new insights into the microcosm and re- initiate pollen research.

«I greatly admire your innovative work.»
Ai Weiwei
Artistic Director, 2011 Gwangju Design Biennale

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