Cell Wars

A century ago the first set of rules for hobby war games was established by HG Wells. Some hardcore gamers are still playing according to these, while millions more are playing games that have evolved out of the beginnings. However, there is a much larger battleground in everyone of us: the human body contains billions of participants (the cells) which are constantly arising & dying, interacting, communicating, evolving, or fighting against pathogens, etcetera. In fact, the list of what is happening in our body is endless – every second 50 million cells are dying inside of us and need to be replaced to let us continue to thrive and exist. The human body is a fascinating place to explore and would be the largest and most complex game by far, if we could program it – but it’s simply beyond our imagination! In part it’s because these processes are well hidden, taking place in a very small dimension and are technically extremely difficult and time consuming to analyze. Also, what happens cannot always be visualized, because it’s either too fast, or too slow, or we just lack the technology to measure and understand it. Here, we are using the scanning-electron-microscope to throw a glance into this facinating wold.

«These images are really outstanding. They raise all sorts of research questions I had never even considered before.»
Rob R. Dunn, PhD
Prof. of Applied Ecology and Book author


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