Microcosm II (plants & fungi)

This is the place of the earth’s smallest living organisms and their structures: concealed by sheer size, various forms of life spend their just below the radar of the human eye. Micronaut collects and explores invisibly small creatures and their structures from every corner of the earth. All images are based on Scanning-Electron-Microscopy (SEM). By utilizing electrons instead of photons, SEM technology is capable to produce magnifications up to 500.000-times or even more, thereby expanding the limits of traditional photography.

To reconstruct the colors -which cannot be captured through SEM technology- the pictures are manually colored (post-processing). The manual work combines Dr. Oeggerli’s scientific knowledge and his artistic eye, creating new insights into scientific phenomena and unknown territory. The following two projects contain selected images of plants/fungi.

«The images you have provided for the exhibition are looking excellent. Our whole design team has been blown away by them.»
Johanna Simkin
Senior Curator, Human Biology & Medicine, Museums Victoria

Micronaut images are rights-managed. If you want to get a quote, please contact us, providing the following information: (1) image name, (2) specific use, (3) industry, (4) distribution area, (5) format, (6) circulation or print run, and (7) duration.
Please note that we cannot answer incomplete requests. Thank you.

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