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Some links of Micronaut.ch lead to third party websites. These websites are not under the influence of Micronaut GmbH. Therefore we can neither guarantee for their correct content nor for their possible services or else.

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Please feel free to link to Micronaut.ch, if you like this site. If possible, please link to our index-page: ‘http://www.Micronaut.ch’

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After download from Micronaut.ch, the copyright remains in our hands. For more information about the usage of the images, please refer to the specifications of your corresponding license agreement.

Micronaut® is a registered trademark of Micronaut GmbH and may not be used without prior written permission. Please contact us to learn how to obtain permission to use Micronaut copyrighted materials or to report a claim of copyright infringement.

Utilization of Micronaut.ch
All the information and content (content being text, design, layout and pictures) posted on this website are © Martin Oeggerli / Micronaut GmbH, and are protected by swiss copyright laws. This website and any of its contents may not be copied, translated or distributed in any manner (electronic, web or printed) without the prior written consent of Micronaut GmbH. Further information, see below.

© Copyright Micronaut GmbH, 2005-2012. All rights reserved. © for all images by Martin Oeggerli, use only through contractual agreement with Micronaut. © all texts for Martin Oeggerli / Micronaut, except specifically indicated. We reserve to take legal steps against you and/or your company, if you fail to indicate the correct copyright. Further information, see below.

Legal Information
Unless otherwise provided, all content of this site are the sole and exclusive property of Micronaut GmbH, including but not limited to: layout, text and images. No portion of the Micronaut website may be copied, distributed, reproduced, published or used in any other way without prior written agreement by Martin Oeggerli / Micronaut. Images may not be reproduced, copied, projected, or used in any way without (a) prior written permission of Micronaut GmbH stating the rights granted and the terms thereof (b) correctly indicating the copyright as noted in the corresponding license agreement and (c) payment.
The reasonable and stipulated fee for any other use shall be at least CHF 5’000.- or five times Photographer’s normal fee for such usage, according to the recommendations of the SAB (Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Bild-Agenturen und -Archive, see www.sab-photo.ch for further information and pricing) and has to be settled within 10 days upon receipt. If the fine cannot cover the damage, separate compensation costs will be charged and are not contestable.

We actively seek out copyright violations on the internet and in print and will use full legal force in collaboration with our partner Copyright Control, to deal with any abusive use of our images, including but not limited to unauthorized publications and copyright infringements.

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