Invisible landscapes of Plants (Herbs & spices)


Plants need to store energy reserves (such as starch grains, sugars, or fatty acids) and they often put it away in peculiar places – hidden in compartments that are invisibly small for the human eye and can only be seen through a Scanning-Electron- Microscope (SEM). Using SEM technology, it turns out that odorants, nectar and flavors of culinary herbs are often stored in structurally complex glands located on the epidermal layer of the leaf, or inside seeds and flowers.
Originally derived from simple plant hairs, the glands have been shaped and optimized over millions of years, adopting new functions. Oeggerli’s pictures of herbs and plant surfaces are insights into bizarre places – alien aesthetic territory.

«You are attaining a level of subtlety (…) of an accomplished painter. Extraordinary images.»
David Griffin
Director of Photography, National Geographic 


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