Greetingcard set – 5 large cards for a great price!

The set contains 5 highgloss postcards featuring invisibly small mites from Micronaut’s new National Geographic feature story ‹Mighty Mites› (Feb 2015). The series was also honored with the ‹International Photography Award› (October 2011). Each card contains a brief description of the depicted species on the backside

  • Format: 21.0 x 14.7 cm
  • Finish: coated paper
  • Set pricing: CHF 13.-
    plus shipping costs (national CHF 2.-, international EUR 5.-)


Order:   Mighty Mites   Greeting Card Set   (from CHF 15.-)

5 cards for a great price:

  • 1-Parazercon
  • 2-Alleusthatia
  • 3-Scutarid
  • 4-Schwiebea
  • 5-Frontipoda

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