Lethal Weapons

The majority of animals are not venomous. However, a ’special club of creatures›, including: jellyfish, scorpions, spiders, insects, octopus, fish, frogs, reptiles, and mammals have evolved a wide variety of elaborate venomous substances. The results of this development are highly complex injection systems that have caught the interest of researchers from various fields, such as biomimetics, toxicology and medicine find new curative approaches. 

This series of images is focusing on the highly specialized structures that are required to inject the deadly cocktails. Despite these injection tools are often microscopically small and have evolved only by the simple try-and-error-mechanism of evolution, they are designed with utmost precision down to the last detail.

«I have seen Martin’s work. Stunning.»
Michael Peres, PhD
School of Photographic Arts & Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

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