Idea and realization by Charlotte Bonniot & team, University Grenoble, France, May 2024.

This film project was inspired by the 20th century work of Jean Painlevé and focuses on the contemporary relationship between the arts and sciences. By visiting selected researchers and artists in their studio, the film shows you what it takes to capture images of environments that remain extremely difficult to access (e.g. astrophysics and microbiology) and would remain in the dark without the use of all kinds of high tech equipment. The film accompanies the people who do it, allowing you to look behind the scenes of the modern explorers.  

Together with the film team Micronaut, invites you into his varied workspaces and tells you how and why he is making visible what most of us cannot see… !

The full documentary will be available in autumn 2024 and we going to provide you with dates and venues as soon as they become clear. 

Locations: Grenoble, Paris, Dublin, Baltimore USA, Basel, Wetzlar.
In a partnership with Leica and Fondation Grenoble INP. 

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Film festivals and venues: coming soon!

Video produced and realized by Charlotte Bonniot, for Martin Oeggerli and @a_objectif_ouvert. All artworks are the exclusive property of Martin Oeggerli (Micronaut®).

Martin Oeggerli aka Micronaut® is supported by:
University Hospital Basel (Pathology & Clinical Bacteriology/Mycology)
School of Life Sciences, FHNW, Muttenz
H Halbritter, S Ulrich and PalDat, Dep. Botany & Biodiversity, University Vienna
EM Facility, Dartmouth College
Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI), Basel.

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