Copenhagen, May 2024

“People loved it and spent a lot of time going through the pictures. We got fantastic feedback. It was absolutely great.”

Dr. med. Ilan Youngster

Co-Chair of ESPID 2024

Micronaut’s exhibition was presented to the public in Copenhagen, at the ESPID 2024. It is a stunning portfolio of the most renowned science photographer of the 21st century, whose work has appeared on the cover of many scientific journals, including the greatest names in science.

The exhibition featured new artworks, as the artist continues to inspire with sparkling inventiveness and topics that have never been shown before. Feel free to get a glimpse of the event taking place at the Congress Centre in Copenhagen, 20 – 24 May, 2024. 

Images: © ESPID/KENES, 2024

“The Micronaut exhibition onsite was a great success, with many attendees thoroughly enjoying it. (…) It was a pleasure meeting you, and I must say, your art is truly beautiful.”


Photo Editor, National Geographic Explorer

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