table top calender 2024

Status: Sold out

Micronaut is currently preparing the new table top calender 2024 with breathtaking new images. Newsletter members pay the reduced price of CHF 29.- instead of CHF 39.-

The new Micronaut calendar 2023 cover featured a Clam Shrimp Egg. The tiny structure would be invisible without the powerful magnification of the scannin-electron-microscope. Other works include the portrait of the infamous face mite, the surreal beauty of herbs, and the microbiome of a newborn.

If you want to become a Micronaut Newsletter member of the Micronaut newsletter prior to your order, please feel free to subscribe now (the subscription is free and can be cancelled any time)!

  • format: 21.0 x 14.8 cm
  • pages: 14
  • sheets: 250g matte paper with one-sided print
  • CHF 29.- plus shipping (members)
  • CHF 39.- plus shipping (non-members)
  • shipping: CHF 4.- (national) / CHF 6.50 (international)



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