by Martin Oeggerli | March 2024


The new article by Micronaut was published in National Geographic Spain and Portugal in March, and it included the majestic Oak pollen on the cover. The article features Micronaut’s pollen series and focuses on allergenic species, including many of the more recently created images.

National Geographic Cover: Pollen Allergy in the 21st Century Fantastic (…) the pollen collection is absolutely stunning. Thanks! I’m sure this will be a new blast!.”
Goncalo Pereira
Director of National Geographic ESP
and National Geographic POR





National Geographic Cover

Alergia al Polen, Por que sera la epidemia del siglo XXI, ESP version, March 2024

Alergia ao Polen, A epidemia imparavel do seculo XXI, 

POR version, March 2024

20240317-National Geographic-Reference-Spain+Portugal-Oeggerli-Pollen-4936-1

Pollen Game

Do you want to see more pollen grains?
The pollen card game combines art & science in a playful way, with interesting and helpful information for the nature lover as well as the allergy sufferer.

The Pollen Card game (CHF 30.- excl. VAT and shipping)

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