NEW Images

These are our most recent images. They may belong to a new series of images, or expand one of the existing categories. If you are looking for previously unpublished material, this may be the best time to place your order. Please contact us for availability and pricing if you are interested. 

«Your work is absolutely stunning and orders of magnitude better than most of what is out there (…)«
Dr. Jenny Whiting
Marketing & Business Development, Microscopy Australia, The University of Sydney.

Micronaut images are rights-managed. If you want to get a quote, please contact us, providing the following information: (1) image name, (2) specific use, (3) industry, (4) distribution area, (5) format, (6) circulation or print run, and (7) duration.
Please note that we cannot answer incomplete requests. Thank you.

For information on fine art prints please click here

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