Micronaut articles published by National geographic

This is an overview on projects and articles Micronaut created on assignment for National Geographic.

National Geographic feature Stories & articles by Micronaut

Gute Laune aus dem Darm, March 2022

 Micromagia, September 2021

 Best Science Images 2020, January 2021

How Trillions of Microbes Affect (…) Our Life, January 2020

See the Microscopic Wonders of Herbs, January 2019

Das Leben in Uns, April 2018

Bug Eyed, June 2015

Seeing Eye to Microscopic Eye, May 2015

Mighty Mites, February 2015

Dr. Oeggerli’s Beautiful Little Monsters, March 2015

Microbes: Small, small World, January 2013

Das Ei Bett, 2011

Insect Eggs: Exquisite Castaways, September 2010

Pollen: Love is in the Air, December 2009

National Geographic Movies by Micronaut

Mysteries of the Unseen World, January 2014

Other National Geographic articles by Micronaut

– Small, Small, World, Nov-Dec 2015 (National Geographic, Extreme Explorer, Cover article)

– Guinea Worms, July 2011 (print)

– Coloring by Structure, January 2011

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