Science Photography 

Micronaut creates award-winning micrographs of invisibly small organisms and structures. Often the corresponding samples are collected from every corner of the Earth, or are cultured and carefully put on stage under laboratory conditions (in vitro), similar to the picture of an invasively growing cancer cell (Best Scientific Image, Fascination Research; 1st prize).

This series of works contains images that were made to visualize key aspects and newest results achieved by modern scientific research. Most images have been produced in close collaboration with the corresponding scientists, and research area experts.

«These images are really outstanding. They raise all sorts of research questions I had never even considered before.»
Rob R. Dunn, PhD
Prof. of Applied Ecology and Book author

Micronaut images are rights-managed. If you want to get a quote, please contact us, providing the following information: (1) image name, (2) specific use, (3) industry, (4) distribution area, (5) format, (6) circulation or print run, and (7) duration.
Please note that we cannot answer incomplete requests. Thank you.

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