• Oeggerli is like a modern Leeuwenhoek, using the technology of his art to make visible to the rest of us what was long obvious to only a few. Dr. Rob R. Dunn
      Professor of Biology at NCSU and Author for National Geographic
  • National Geographic feature article ‘Mighty Mites’ by Micronaut

    Is this another story about ugly critters? No way – Micronauts brand new image series of mites is truely unique. As a whole revealing the extraordinary variety of mites. To understand, you have to see it with your own eyes. But for the author, this long-term project means much more: the tiny mites have accompanied him through [...]

  • Want to Buy Fine Art? We are truely passionate…

    …about the quality of our award-winning prints. Each piece is carefully produced in traditional handcraft, numbered and signed by the artist. At the very end, the strictly limited science photos highlight invisible mysteries! Every detail miraculously painted, inviting you to think – or dream? An unconventional dance between science and art. A brilliant idea.

  • Micronaut – A little bit about the artist…

    Martin Oeggerli is Micronaut. The Swiss science photographer has been invited to the 2011 Gwangju Design Biennale by prominent Chinese artist and director Ai Weiwei. His award-winning works are published by the greatest names in science and photography, such as BBC, CELL, Nature, VOGUE, and National Geographic [...]

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