Hamburg, June 2020 (GEO Nr. 06 / 2020)

GEO has published their new Cover article ‘Unser Darm’ (June 2020). The series of images for this article by Micronaut also includes the previously unpublished image of Geotrichum candidum

Billions of species including bacteria and some yeast are responsible for our health and disease. They let us stay happy, or to become anxious. In recent years, scientists have started to explore and understand the power of our microbiome, and how we can use it for a better health.

The image:

Geotrichum candidum. In addition to it’s role in the human gut, this yeast species is widely used in the production of certain dairy products including rind cheeses such as Camembert, Saint-Nectaire, Reblochon and other wrinkly cheeses that you may find at your local cheese shop. In a Nordic yogurt-like product known as viili, the yeast can be found as well, being responsible for the product’s velvety texture. Furthermore, G. candidum has been reported as an organism that is able to break down plastic.
The image has been produced using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in combination with selectively assigning different colors to different structures.

Fine print (as shown):
Format: 30x20in (70x50cm) limited edition, 25 pieces: visit artist website for further information about archival prints by Martin Oeggerli.

Read more:
GEO Nr. 06  (June 2020), article in German

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