We are delighted to present the limited edition stamp series created and designed by Martin Oeggerli for the Swiss Post.

Art collectors: please find a very limited number of hand-signed original fine prints available on the artist’s website.

Philately: stamp collectors are offered a unique set holding two works of art: the larger frame is displaying the original stamp sheet (either forget-me-not, or rose), stamped, numbered and signed by the artist. To conserve the value for the collector, the sheet is reversibly attached; a single stamp is replaced with the artist’s signature and a sequential edition number. The package is completed with the significantly smaller second frame, containing just a single stamp from the other series. Both frames are carefully hand-made.

The package was especially created by the artist to celebrate the release of his Microscopic Art-stamp series and is only available from his own website – no bookstores, no museums, no shops!   Supplied while stocks last.

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