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CELL Cover & Interview

Cambridge MA,
8 March 2018

The multidisciplinary scientific journal CELL is one of the world’s leading academic journals. For their Volume 172, Issue 6, they have published Micronauts iconic bacteria still life on the cover. 


The Cover Image:

A snapshot of the human gut microbiome is presented by selective coloring of an image obtained by the scanning electron microscopy. The central part of the image shows a very large bacterium, which closely resembles the species, Epulopiscium fishelsoni, that has only been found previously in surgeonfish. The manually colored 3D-like photorealistic appearance highlights the diversity in shape and size of bacterial species in the human intestine.



© Martin Oeggerli 2015, supported by HP Marti, Swiss TPH, Pathology, University Hospital Basel, and School of Life Sciences, FHNW.

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Format: 30x20in (70x50cm) limited edition, 25 pieces: visit artist website