Mite (Cheyletidae, Leach 1815)
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Parasite Hunter – Predatory Mite (Cheyledidae)

Cheyledidae sp.

Magnification: 2’285:1

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This looks like the cheyletid from Chrysocolaptes lucidus (a woodpecker) from the Philippines. It is predatory and probably feeds on other mites in the plumage of the bird or in its nest.

The eyes are a darker red, but are not shown in this picture. The creature also shows a large white patch in the middle of the body but that’s just the excretory glad filled up with guanine crystals, and is ‘optional’ (as it wouldn’t be there after the mite excretes).

The things colored in black are the palpal claws. The structures in orange and yellow are two pairs of highly modified setae. All three pairs of structures are used for sensing and manipulating prey.