Entangled - "My blood, sweat and Tears"
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Blood, Sweat and Tears

Homo sapiens

Magnification: 835:1

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“My Blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this work of mine.” says Martin Oeggerli. The artist is using a scanning electron microscope to freeze time and set focus on his own blood. The final picture reveals over a hundred erythrocytes entangled in a delicate network of fibrin. Oeggerli slowly breathes life into his picture by painstakingly selecting different structures with different colors, layer upon layer on his laptop. The process allows him to set focus on the mysterious, ultra-fast and invisibly small cascade of blood clotting.

Approximately 2.4 million new red blood cells (or erythrocytes) are produced per second in human adults. They are the most common type of cells in the blood and represent the vertebrate body’s principal means of delivering oxygen from the lungs or gills to body tissues. Folllowing an injury, blood clotting produces a fibrin network to close the wound. Induced blood clotting can also lead to arterial embolism and result in cerebrovascular accidents, including strokes.

The original work has a size of 180 x 135 cm, limited to 5 pieces.