Custom-made color SEM – produced by Micronaut

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Micronaut Scanning Electron Microscopy - Services

Our services include the production of custom-made color SEM images. To visualize the characteristic note of your invisible invention, carefully selected ingredients, or micro-tech solution of your product, we offer a complete package with state-of-the-art Scanning-Electron-Microscopy (SEM)-preparation and -microscopy (the technical part). By combining SEM with manual post-processing (the artistic part), we make sure your product images shine in full color.

Apart from this, we do also offer stock images from our constantly growing archive, including state-of-the-art and award-winning SEM images to ennoble your catalogue, media release, or annual report.

Beyond, strictly limited edition prints  in museum quality are available to turn your office, conference room, or lobby into an unforgettable place, and a hand-picked selection of works are available for hire to make your event extra special!


Micronaut Services:

  • Scientific microscopy: concept and consulting
  • Expert specimen preparation: fixation, dehydration, critical point drying (CPD), precision coating
  • High-quality scanning-electron-microscopy (SEM)
  • Post-processing (coloration) of black-and-white SEM scans
  • Fine art installations, corporate art, stock images and events

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