Microstructures One – Exhibition on Tour

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Micronaut-Exhibition-Microstructures-One-2014The travelling exhibition “Microstructures I” takes the audience on a fantastic journey through the world of the invisible. You can now rent 43 images that will bring you closer to enlightenment than a trip to an Indian ashram.

Butterfly eggs the size of footballs, flowers as big as your living room or tiny insects that are inflated to the size of Godzilla – the travelling exhibition of Micronaut reveals otherwise invisible structures of the natural world and shows just how wonderful they are.

In search of the perfect form, evolution has modelled wings, claws, wrappings, and reinforced walls to serve the world’s tiniest creatures. With a scanning electron microscope (SEM), the molecular biologist Dr. Martin Oeggerli aka Micronaut dives down into the invisible and brings back true art made by nature over millions of years. Thus a tiny butterfly egg reveals itself as a sculpture as if made on another planet and a human retina, which enables us to see, resembles an abstract painting, which would make every gallery owner proud.

You can now rent all 43 images of the travelling exhibition and create your own mind-blowing event with them.


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