Polliversum – SPECIAL Limited Edition

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Basel, 6 March 2011

The monumental work is a hybrid construction is a co-production with the University of Vienna and displays 12 stunning portraits of pollen grains, collected from all continents.

With an impressive format of 180×90 cm (70×35 in) it’s the second largest work in the artist’s collection and the limitation is set to 3 pieces.
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‘Polliversum’ – XXL Limited Edition

Assembled on a classy white background and under brilliant, individually adjusted lighting, the main features of each specimen become obviously clear. “Suddenly we find ourselves caught up in a virtual dialogue – at the same time amused and surprised about the diversity and ultimate perfection of these miniscule objects” says the artist, adding that without magnification none of the grains would surpass 120 microns. The work is offered with polished acrylic cover finish and white shadow gap frame. The presentation was especially developed for increased spatial depth of Micronaut’s extra large fine prints. More than four years ago, Micronaut has set out to collect the most fascinating and diverse pollen grains from every corner of the earth. For further information, see ‘Love is in the air’, Micronaut’s feature article published in National Geographic (Dec 2009).

Mosquito egg surface


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