NATURE selects best science images of 2017

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London – New York – Tokyo,
18 December 2017

The multidisciplinary scientific journal NATURE is one of the world’s leading academic journals. Just before the year closes, NATURE has selected the top 10 scientific images of 2017. The nomination includes Micronauts iconic picture of a single human cell sitting on the cantilever of an AFM. The nomination is regarded an honor, and underlines the ultimate perfection of this picture and its relevance within the field of scientific photography.

Weight-in of a cell


What does a human cell weight?

In October, researchers in Switzerland, lead by ETH professor Daniel J Müller, unveiled a highly sensitive new method to measure the weight of a living cell. The image illustrates the achievement by showing a human cell on top of the cantilever of the AFM (atomic force microscope).

AFM provides a powerful, multifunctional imaging platform allowing biological samples, from single molecules to living cells, to be visualized and manipulated. The combination of AFM-based imaging and spectroscopy enables 3D manipulation with molecular precision. In this picture, we measure the weight of a cell with AFM (parked on the tip of the cantilever). It is anticipated that in the next decade AFM-related techniques will have a profound influence on the way researchers view, characterize and solve fundamental challenges that cannot be addressed with other techniques.

Congrats to the scientists for their excellent work!


© M. Oeggerli / Micronaut 2017, supported by Prof. D. J. Müller and D. Martinez-Martin, ETH Zurich, and D. Mathys, Nano Imaging Lab, SNI, University Basel.

Read more: NATURE 550, 500–505 (26 October 2017)






Format: 30x20in (70x50cm) limited edition, 25 pieces
Format: 30x20in (70x50cm) limited edition, 25 pieces