Natura Obscura, 2 Sep 2017

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200 Researchers -
200 Phenomena -
200 Years of  NGiB (the ‘Natural research society in Basel’)

micronaut-natura-obscura-book-cover-smallTo show the immense diversity and the background of natural phenomena has been the mission for all members of the Natural Research Society in Basel (NGiB) over the past 200 years. On the occasion of their 200th anniversary (autumn 2017), the society proudly presents the book ‘natura obscura’.

200 naturalists with reference to Basel report on a natural phenomenon of their own choice. Selected scientists include Nobel laureates and celebrities, nature enthusiasts in their profession and hobby, researchers in many special areas and diverse backgrounds. Every author tells his own story and illuminates his personal area of interest. Thereby, natura obscura becomes a kaleidoscope, stimulating the public’s appetite for knowlegde, and providing unique insight into the world of natural sciences.

The rest is seeing: Natura obscura features full-page illustrations by Basel’s multiple award-winning photographer «Micronaut» Martin Oeggerli, as well as spectacular pictures by Nasa, representing the empires of the invisibly small and the invisibly large, in parallel.



Kurt M. Füglister, Martin Hicklin, Pascal Mäser.


Price: CHF 40.-
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