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Microscopy Services & SEM Technology 

Our service includes conception and custom-made production of hand-colored Scanning-Electron-Microscopy (SEM) images. To show the invisible characteristics of your micro-tech invention, product or ingredients, we offer the complete package and make your product images shine in full color.



Micronaut-Exhibition-Microstructures-One-Products-and-ServicesRent an exhibition

The travelling exhibition “Microstructures I” is a visual journey to the microcosm beneath your feet. You can rent 43 images that make your gallery, event or opening unforgettable.




Fine Art

Martin Oeggerli‘s award-winning works have been featured in exhibitions around the world. They are represented in many corporate, institutional, and private collections. An exclusive collection of the artists works is available as Limited Edition Fine Prints.


Catflea-ProductsSPECIAL SERIES: Cat flea goes fine art

The ‘Flight-around-a-Flea’ is Micronaut’s first series of works that have been captured with the brand new FEI microscope which was used to capture the National Geographic 3D-stereo IMAX movie.




Stock Images

Micronaut Stock Images are available rights managed. Our online gallery includes over 300 carefully edited images, covering current medical issues, pharmacology, biotechnology, biology, and other life science areas. Note: this is the only place to search for and license images from Micronaut’s entire archives.





Micronaut’s legendary book ‘Micronavigating between Science + Art’ is a must-have for scientifically inspired designers, architects, and art lovers. The production was triggered by Micronaut’s invitation to join the 2011 Gwangju Design Biennale in South-Korea from the prominent Chinese artist and art director Ai Weiwei. Item includes 70 images and 104 pages.


Calendar-XL-ProductsMicronaut Life Sciences Calendar 2014 (XL)

The Life Sciences Calendar from Moosbaum Verlag is a landmark in the world of microphotography. The 2014 edition is entirely produced from images by Micronaut. Hence its name: “Life Sciences 2014 – The Art of Microscopy”. The motifs of the format 50x70cm are excellently printed and finished with UV spot varnish.



Calendar-ProductsMicronaut Table-Top Calendar 2014

Micronaut’s hot Table-Top Calendar goes into the next round! In 2014, the cover With more than 140 million nerve cells, the retina is the first stage of our visual system and our window to the outside world. (diameter <0.01in, <0.2mm) This item includes 12 images, plus cover image and a total of 14 pages.




Greeting Card Set

Micronaut’s famous series about Butterfly Eggs has been published by National Geographic (September 2010). The work has been honored with several international awards, including the ‘German Prize for Scientific Photography’ (Dec 2011). Item includes a set containing 5 highgloss postcards and envelopes. Each card contains a description of the depicted motif on the backside.




Co-produced with Swiss designer Bernhard Strub (b-form), each sideboard features a color SEM-image printed directly on top and lower surface. The images are permanently sealed with premium multi-layer coating.