Love is in the Air – NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, December 2009

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Pollen-collection-micronautText by Rob R. Dunn
Photography by Martin Oeggerli

Washington DC, December 2009

Micronaut’s first article for National Geographic has been published in the December issue 2009. You can browse the Micronaut pollen gallery ‘Love is in the Air’, if you are interested to see more of these stunning structures of life.

Pollen grains (from the left to the right):

  • Pumpkin
  • Acanthus family
  • Pine
  • Acacia
  • Composite flower
  • Forget-me-not


Article available in: English - Deutsch – Japanese - Portuguese - Greek - Spanish - Dutch - Latvian - Romanian - Slovenian - Turkish - Italian - French - Swedish - Danish - Finnish - Norse - Magyr - Polish - Bulgarian

Two images have made it on the National Geographic cover:
- Geranium pistil (left: National Geographic – Slovenia & Bulgaria)
- Salix pollen (right: National Geographic – Japan)

Please feel free to browse the Micronaut image gallery, if you wish to see more images of pollen. For further reading, the palynological database of my partners from the University of Vienna (, is highly recommended.




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