Gwangju Design Biennale

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Gwangju-Design-Biennale-2011-Micronaut-1Gwangju (Korea), 6 September 2011

Chinese artist and architectural designer Ai Weiwei and Korean architect Seung H-Sang, the co-artistic directors of the Biennale, are pleased to present 130 designers and studios from 44 countries at the oldest design festival in Asia.

Set to be one of the most compelling design events of the year, the 4th Gwangju Design Biennale has now opened its gates. The exhibition seeks to challenge and re-evaluate the conventional understanding of the word ‘design’.

Under five sub-sections of ‘Named-’ and ‘Un-named design’, ‘Communities’, ‘Thematics’ and ‘Gwangju Follies’, the exhibition creates a platform for discourse, debate and reexamination of the relationship between objects, places, environments, networks, communities, strategies, designers and design.

Selected Artists and Installations:

GDB-image-2-1‘Science + Art’ Installation by Micronaut

Nominated by Ai Weiwei shortly before the prominent Chinese artist was arrested in April, Micronaut has collaborated with the curator Brendan McGetrick to take a close-up look at the role of design in science and nature.

In addition to the impressively large fine print, the installation also focuses on the scientific part of his special technology (Scanning-Electron-Microscopy) – and sheds light on the most careful post-processing which has become the signature of Micronaut’s award-winning photorealistic work.

To complete his appearance, Micronaut has recently published his first book, titled ‘Micronavigating between Science+Art’, which can be ordered online.


General Information

Organizer: The Metropolitan city of Gwangju, Gwangju Design Biennale (2011)

Artistic DirectorsAi Weiwei (Art), Seung H-Sang (Architecture)