German Prize for Scientific Photography 2011

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Deutscher Preis für Wissenschaftsfotografie 2011 geht an Micronaut

September 2011, Bremen, Germany.

Micronaut’s images of butterfly eggs are awarded with the ‘German Prize for Scientific Photography 2011′ (DP 2011).

Initiated by the science magazine ‘Bild der Wissenschaft’, the prize honors the most striking images of research over the last 12 months.
Equipped with an illustrous tradition and more than a hundred submissions from scientists and professional photographers each year, the DP is regarded as one of the most important events in the field of science photography.

Winning Images

In the microscopy category, the prize goes to Micronaut for his fascinating series of butterfly egg images (see images above and Exquisite Castaways online gallery). It is the second time Micronaut receives the prestigious award, after 2009.

The winning images show the eggs of four different butterfly species which are usually smaller than a full-stop.
All images have been captured with powerful magnification of a scanning-electron-microscope (SEM), and were post-processed manually to recover the original colors. Using the insect order of butterflies (Lepidoptera), the image series showcases the vast amount of diversity in structure and size that can be formed by evolution over millions of years, to adapt different species to different habitats.

“Cute butterfly eggs are an exemplary way to showcase the potential and power of evolution and to approach people of all ages with one of the main principles of life”, says science photographer Martin Oeggerli.

The award celebration takes place 3rd December 2011 in the House of Science in Bremen, Germany. In parallel, winning images and photographers will be presented to the press.