Micronaut® – FINE ART

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Micronaut FINE ART MINI single edition

Micronaut offers edition prints in an outstanding quality. Each piece is a brilliant original – individually calibrated and carefully produced by an expert in traditional handcraft. 

  • Limited editions prints are available as strictly limited and hand-signed originals.
  • Open edition prints (MINI series) offer the same quality at a reduced size and square format.


Overview on Micronaut Edition Prints:

  • SPECIAL – Limited Edition (XXXL)*: size 250x150cm, limited to 3 pieces
  • SPECIAL - Limited Edition (XXL)*: size app. 150x100cm, 3 pieces + 2 AP
  • SPECIAL - Limited Edition (XL)*: size app. 100x70cm, 10 pieces
  • CLASSIC – Limited Edition (L): size app. 70x50cm, 25 pieces
  • STANDARD – Limited Edition (M): size app. 40x30cm, 300 pieces
  • MINI – Open Edition (as shown): size 20x20cm, open edition

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* Depending on the individual work, custom-made framing and specials are available. Special Limited Edition formats range from XL to XXXL. For further information please contact us: info@micronaut.ch