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Monday July 9th, 2012

Turning Point: Martin Oeggerli

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Nature publishes article on Micronaut's career

Best known as a scientific photographer, Martin Oeggerli takes close-up images of microscopic creatures and structures that have been featured in scientific publications and art galleries worldwide. Although he is still a postdoc in cancer research at the University of Basel in Switzerland, his photography has become his passion and his main career track...

Read the full article and interview in Nature 487, 131-131(2012)doi:10.1038/nj7405-131a.

Atlant's Column - July 2012

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'Atlant's Column' is the new online section produced in collaboration with science writer Atlant Bieri. Articles are published monthly.

Blades of Steel

If you have watched Roger Federer's latest triumph at Wimbledon you may have noticed his oponent Andy Murray slipped away on several occasions. However, the slippery blades of grass surely diden't evolve their waxy surface structure to spoil the Scotsman's party...

Find out more about the fascinating micro-structures of grass and why they exist in the new 'Atlant's Column' on Micronaut.ch

Image of the Month

The new 'Image of the Month' is now on display. check it out!

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