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Wednesday April 5th, 2012

Award for Outstanding Scientific Photography

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Micronaut's hand-coloured scanning-electron-micrograph 'Superhydrophobic Swimming Beauty I' is awarded 'Best Scientific Cover Image 2012'.

"Mosquito eggs are as much revolutionary as they are evolutionary - they are so fascinating, you think you must be dreaming", says science photographer Martin Oeggerli.

The competition carried out by 'The EMBO Journal' is a classic among science photographers and scientists from all around the globe and annually receives more than 3'000 submissions... continue reading about the winning image.

Atlant's Column - April 2012

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'Atlant's Column' is the new online section produced in collaboration with science writer Atlant Bieri. Articles are published monthly.

"Atlant's Column highlights complex scientific facts - understandable and from a surprisingly beautiful perspective", explains Martin Oeggerli.

Contact Adhesive in the Blood

The human body is basically a fluid-filled cavity. Thus its greatest enemies are sharp objects and knives. If they bore into the fine network of blood vessels under the skin, we literally run out. But not for long... continue reading 'Atlant's Column' on Micronaut.ch

Image of the Month

The new 'Image of the Month' is now on display. check it out!

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