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Saturday October 22th, 2011

TV Portrait: Micronaut

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Swiss National TV has recently produced a short portrait about the 'Special Micro - International Photographer of the Year', Martin Oeggerli. For more information and expected date of broadcast, please check the news section on Micronaut.ch.

Look over the artist's shoulder and take a plunge into the world between Science + Art!

This image is courtesy of Philippe Wiget who is a learned scientist and master of photography. He has recently joined Micronaut in the lab, to portrait his old friend and former fellow student in front of the FESEM at the School of Life Sciences, FHNW, Muttenz.

Micronavigating between Science + Art

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Temporarily out of stock - Micronaut's book 'Micronavigating between Science + Art' has become available again... !

Premium coffee table book with 104 pages of stunning discoveries - vast, imposing and utterly beautiful. With introductory essay by Sibylle Sunda.
Printed and distributed by BLURB Bookstore, New York.

Image of the Month

The new 'Image of the Month' is now on display. check it out!

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