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Friday August 26th, 2011

Exhibition - International Images for Science

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Patron: Her Majesty The Queen

To visually celebrate the role of photography in science 'The Royal Photographic Society' is about to launch the 'International Images of Science Exhibition 2011'.

The exhibition will present a hand-picked selection of 50 works from the world's leading scientific photographers, researchers, technologists and engineers and aims to bring the wonders of scientific imaging to a wide audience within the UK, and overseas. Opening dates and location: Fenton House, Bath, 1 - 29 September 2011.

Micronavigating between Science + Art

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Micronaut's brand new book 'Micronavigating between Science+Art' offers 104 pages of stunning discoveries - vast, imposing and utterly beautiful. The premium coffee table book was printed in cooperation with BLURB - Bookstore, New York, and features an introductory essay by Sibylle Sunda.

Join the artist "as he sheds light on the blurring line of artistic versus scientific image, showing how the latter can uncannily wander towards the former...!"

Understanding Muscular Disease

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The scientific journal 'EMBO Molecular Medicine' has recently published an update on the most recent advances in the treatment of muscular dystrophy by Sarina Meinen and her colleagues from Markus Ruegg's lab.

In collaboration, Micronaut has produced an image depicting Sceletal Muscle Fibers which has now been published on the cover of 'The EMBO Journal', to illustrate the research area.

Image of the Month

The new 'Image of the Month' is now on display. check it out!

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