SPECIAL Limited Edition – ‘Superhydrophobic Swimming Beauty’

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Micronaut Classic Edition Print with Shadow Gap Frame and Acrylic Cover FinishIntroducing the new ‘Special Limited Edition’
with acrylic finish and shadow gap frame

Basel, 15 December 2011

Micronaut is passionate about presenting fine prints at museum quality. The new ‘Special limited edition’ was especially developed to increase spatial depth of extra large format prints and comes with polished acrylic finish and white shadow gap frame. The new flagship presentation combines the most modern technology with traditional handcraft and ensures outstanding quality.

The ‘Superhydrophobic Swimming Beauty’ is the first work presented with the new finish at XXL size. The original work spans 166×130 cm (65×50 in) and the limitation has been set to 3 pieces.

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‘Superhydrophobic Swimming Beauty’ – XXL Limited Edition

Mosquito eggs (Culex pipiens) generate a water repellent network by connecting microscopically small structures to trap a thin layer of air. The vitally important structures enable the egg to float and aggregate with neighbouring eggs. “Mosquito eggs are as much revolutionary as they are evolutionary – they are so fascinating, you think you must be dreaming!” says science photographer Martin Oeggerli. This work has also been awarded ‘Best Scientific Cover Image 2012′.

Micronaut Fine Art Classic Edition Print with Shadow Gap Frame and Acrylic Cover Finish

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