Circulating Tumor Cells

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CELL Cover

Cambridge MA,
11 January 2019

The multidisciplinary scientific journal CELL is one of the world’s leading academic journals. For their Volume 176, Issue 1-2, p1-408 they have published Micronauts new image illustrating a circulating tumor cell cluster inside a microscopically small microfluidic device on the cover.  


The Cover Image:

Artistic coloration of a human circulating tumor cell (CTC) cluster, isolated from the blood of a patient with cancer.
CTC’s are cancer cells that detach from the primary tumor and enter the blood circulation, on their way to initiate a metastasis at a distant site. When traveling in the blood as clusters, circulating tumor cells are endowed with an extraordinary potential to efficiently initiate a metastasis. While very rare compared to blood cells in the bloodstream (1 circulating tumor cell per billion blood cells), capturing of circulating tumor cell clusters is now possible through the use of specialized microfluidic technologies, enabling scientists to study their biology and vulnerabilities.



© M Oeggerli / Micronaut 2018, supported by Pathology-, C-CINA, Biozentrum-, and I Krol, and N Aceto, Faculty of Medicine-, University Hospital and University Basel.

CELL (January 2019) 176, Issue 1-2, p1-408


Circulating Tumor Cell Clustering Shapes DNA Methylation to Enable Metastasis Seeding
(Sofia Gkountela, Francesc Castro-Giner, Barbara Maria Szczerba, Marcus Vetter, Julia Landin, Ramona Scherrer, Ilona Krol, Manuel C. Scheidmann, Christian Beisel, Christian U. Stirnimann, Christian Kurzeder, Viola Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Christoph Rochlitz, Walter Paul Weber, and Nicola Aceto).


Interview with the artist by Iris Mickein

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The mise-en-scène
Time lapse sequence of the coloration process








Format: 30x20in (70x50cm) limited edition, 25 pieces visit artist website