Best Scientific Cover Image 2012

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The EMBO Journal - Micronaut awarded with Best Science Image 2012

Micronaut’s hand-coloured scanning-electron-micrograph ‘Superhydrophobic Swimming Beauty I’ has been awarded ‘Best Scientific Cover Image 2012′.

The competition, which is carried out by ‘The EMBO Journal’, is a classic among science photographers and scientists from all around the globe and annually receives more than 3’000 submissions. The winning image represents one of Micronaut’s largest works. The original spans 166 x 133 cm (65 x 52 in) and was limited to three pieces (see: Micronaut SPECIAL – limited edition).

Image courtesy of Martin Oeggerli / Micronaut 2011, kindly supported by School of Life Sciences, FHNW.

About the winning image:

The highly magnified micrograph shows a small area on the surface of a mosquito egg (from Culex pipiens). The network which spans the entire surface of the egg traps a thin layer of air and thereby generates a water repellent surface. The vitally important structure avoids immersion and enables the egg to float and aggregate with neighbouring eggs.

“Mosquito eggs are as much revolutionary as they are evolutionary – they are so fascinating, you think you must be dreaming”, says science photographer Martin Oeggerli.

Oeggerli, alias Micronaut, has recently been awarded ‘International Photographer of the Year 2011′ (special photography, 1st and 2nd prize) and received the ‘German Prize for Scientific Photography 2011′, respectively.