Best Scientific Cover Image 2010

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ref-EMBO-2010Great honor for scientific imaging

Micronaut’s cristal-clear scanning-electron-microscopy image of a tiny Daisy flower has been awarded ‘Best Scientific Cover Image 2010′. The competition, which is carried out by ‘The EMBO Journal’, is a classic among scientists from all over the world and receives hundreds of submissions every year.

Martin Oeggerli said that it is a wonderful confirmation to win the prize for the second time after 2008, and that “it’s most important to recognize the extraordinary scientists who have devoted their lives to research which I continue to have the privilege to document.”

The artist therefore wishes to dedicate his work to the genius of Charles Darwin on the occasion of the anniversary of his groundbreaking 1859 publication ‘On the origin of species’.

About the winning image:

“Daisy flowers (Bellis perennis) produce composite flowers, which consist of dozens of single ‘flowers’ called florets. While florets from the periphery serve to attract pollinators with their huge white petals (as shown on the image), florets from the center have no petal at all and look completely different, despite being present in the same plant.”

Oeggerli, alias Micronaut, has previously been named ‘German Scientific Photographer of the Year 2009′ and has received awards for ‘Best Image of Research’ in 2009, 2008 and 2006.