Best Science Image 2014: Mosquito Larva Pockets Price

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Micronaut-Extrapage-Best-Scientific-Image-EMBOFor the fourth time in six years, Micronaut is awarded with ‘Best Scientific Cover Image’ prize in 2014. The artists winning image displays feeding hairs of a mosquito larva.

From the 800 images that were evaluated for this year’s contest, the mouth brushes of a mosquito larva got the first place. This demonstrates again that even something as small and unimpressive as an insect’s feeding organs can be the epitome of beauty and wonder.

The prize consists of a free one-year print and online subscriptions to both The EMBO Journal and EMBO reports. Besides, there is “fame and glory to be won” as the EMBO journal writes on its website.

Each year in autumn, the editors of The EMBO Journal select the best cover images for the prize awarded in the following year. 2014 saw the tenth annual competition of this kind. The EMBO journal writes online: “We continue to be amazed how much aesthetic and creative potential there is out there among our readers and authors.”

About the image:
Roughly 3 000 different mosquito species live in almost every climate and ecosystem available. Over thousands of years, they have evolved many tricks to survive and it makes them very good in what they do. Special adaptations include blood-sucking and filtering mouthparts and the development from an aquatic life to an airborne home.

Read more about the mouth brush in this month’s Atlant’s Column.

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